Intershop : new project in Zürich


Intershop : new project in Zürich
The Canton of Zurich has informed Intershop that at its meeting of 8th November last, the Government Council approved the acquisition of a plot of land amounting to 10'880 sqm within the «AuPark» site (formerly known as «AuCenter-Areal»). This acquisition by the Canton of Zurich is made in view of the possible establishment of a secondary school («Mittelschule») on south bank of the Lake of Zurich.

The «AuPark» is a development site belonging to the Intershop Group which is currently subject to the formalising of a private zoning and development plan («Privater Gestaltungsplan»). In addition to the secondary school, Intershop intends to construct some 200 apartments as well as additional shopping facilities for the neighbourhood of Au. In the heart of the site, a generous public park will be built which will form an attractive meeting place for the inhabitants of Au.

Intershop has signed a conditional sale and purchase agreement with the Canton of Zurich. The agreed purchase price amounts to CHF 19.8 million. The sale and purchase agreement is subject to the decision by the cantonal parliament to establish a secondary school in the Au-Wädenswil region, as well as the legally binding completion of the new zoning and development plan for the «AuPark» site. The decision of the cantonal parliament is expected during 2018, with the completion of the zoning and development plan anticipated in 2019.


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