Portugal Marketbeat


The real estate sector, in Portugal, enjoyed another bumper year in 2016. Investment, as the sector’s main driving force, remained extremely dynamic in achieving its second largest, all-time high. The occupancy market, in turn re ected consolidation of solid, active, across-the-board demand, in 2016, with a volume of deals in line with the pre-crisis period.

Demand for o ce space matched 2015 and was much higher than the last ten years’ average. Retail activity was also signi cantly up, with higher sales volumes in the sector – driven by higher private consumption and tourism – helping to fuel retail demand. In spite of the positive evolution of con dence in the industrial real estate market, demand remained relatively sluggish. The tourism and residential sectors, in 2016, continued
to trend in line with the positive evolution of the last few years.


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